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IAITAM would like you to help us celebrate this special milestone. 13 years ago IAITAM began with a thought of bringing ITAM to every organization worldwide. Today, with over a million people on LinkedIn with the job title or duties of ITAM and in over 126 countries we continue to work toward our mission to bring IAITAM to the world. 









IAITAM members have direct access to real-world experiences from peers around the globe in organizations of every size and type. Members learn how to establish and incorporate an ITAM program as part of their everyday corporate life.


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IAITAM professional training and certification programs are developed by experienced IT business professionals, including professional Software, Hardware and IT Asset Managers from around the globe. Our knowledge transfer is real world – vendor neutral and compliance agency neutral.



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The MSITAM degree is awarded by William Howard Taft University to students who successfully complete the rigorous distance study program. IAITAM curriculum has been included in the program to provide the best possible combination of real world best practices alongside best of breed academic curriculum.



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IAITAM publications and ITAM 360 represent the collective knowledge and experiences of the entire IT Asset Management industry. From IBPL, a 12 volume ITAM Practitioner's Guide to an IT Asset Management Program to ITAM 360, the first interactive IT Asset Management knowledge base that measures performance and automatically creates best practice roadmaps and how-t, there is something for every aspect of IT Asset Management.



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APMG is an Accreditation and Certification company which was established in 1993 and became accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service, the UK equivalent of ANAB) in 2000. APMG currently has 140 full time and part time employees and 50 contractors (who act as examiners and assessors). It is APMG’s objective to deliver the greatest business benefits and opportunities as well as service to our customers.




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The goal of the IAITAM Annual Conference and Exhibition has been to grow the ITAM practice through education and the most targeted networking since we started in 2002. The IAITAM 2013 ACEs are no exception.Advance your ITAM program as you gain knowledge at the only events in the world devoted to bettering your future through the expanding field of IT Asset Management and the establishment of global best practices.

IAITAM 2015 Spring CXO Executive Conference

April 27-28 | San Diego, California USA
Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa




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IAITAM 2015 Spring ACE - ITAM Spring Training

April 28-30 | San Diego, California USA
Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa



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IAITAM 2015 FALL ACE - ITAM, The Emerald of Your Business

September 1-2 | Dublin, Ireland
Crowne Plaza Dublin - Northwood




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March 2015

CITAD: 2-3 | Live, Online
CSAM: 2-3 | Live, Online
CITAM: 9-12 | Live, Online
ITAM Foundations: 9-10 | Live, Online
CHAMP: 16-17 | Live, Online GMT
CSAM: 16-17 | Live, Online
CITAM: 23-26 | Washington, DC  


April 2015

CSAM: 7-8 | Live, Online
CITAM: 13-16 | Live, Online
ITAM Foundations: 13-14 | Live, Online 

CITAD: 26-27 | San Diego, CA

CSAM: 26-27 | San Diego, CA

IAITAM 2015 Spring ACE: 28-30 | San Diego, CA


May 2015

CHAMP: 1-2 | San Diego, CA
CMAM: 1-2 | San Diego, CA
CITAM: 4-7 | San Diego, CA 

CITAD: 7-8 | Live, Online

CSAM: 7-8 | Live, Online 

ITAM Road Show: May 11 | Chicago, IL 

CITAM: 11-14 | Live, Online GMT 

ITAM Foundations: 11-12 | Live, Online

ITAM Road Show: May 13 | Little Rock, AR 

ITAM Road Show: May 15 | Kansas City, KS 

ITAM Road Show: May 18 | Hartford, CT 

CHAMP: 18-19 | Live, Online
CSAM: 18-19 | Live, Online
ITAM Road Show: May 20 | Raleigh-Durham, NC 

ITAM Road Show: May 22 | Denver, CO 

CITAM: 26-29 | Live, Online

ITAM Road Show: May 27 | San Jose, CA 

CMAM: 28-29 | Live, Online

ITAM Road Show: May 29 | Austin, TX 


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